What My Clients Are Saying

"I usually have a hard time being vulnerable with people I don't know, but Audria cultivated a space in her Rebirthing the Goddess - Women's Workshop where I felt comfortable, feminine, and open. The environment she created, and the flow of the exercises she so skillfully orchestrated, kept me in the moment and engaged to the people around me. Rather than staying in my own head, planning how to give the "perfect" answer, or how to participate "correctly", I was assured on a deep level that my instincts were welcomed, and accepted. The opportunity to celebrate and, dare I say, worship not only myself, but other women, was a rare and precious moment that resonated deeply with the person I'm trying to be."

Brook B.

"I am so moved by my first workshop with Audria, that I am already committed to attending as many as possible.  Prior to attending one of her workshops, I had received her one-on-one coaching (which I loved, and truly found fruitful); experiencing the in-person workshop showed me a whole other approach/focus of hers that I wasn’t yet familiar with.  That being said, I see how her coaching and various events really do offer something for a broad variety of people.  Also, while I invested in the workshop & coaching with particular goals in mind, I truly gained SO much more than I could have expected.  My honest assessment is: thanks to Audria’s work, I’ve gone from feeling alarmingly out-of-touch with myself and lacking momentum & drive... to now feeling significantly more clarity, balance, connection, confidence & purpose than I had in a long, long time.  She’s truly delivered everything I was hoping for and so much more.  "

Alicia A.

"Audria's Rebirthing the Goddess Women's Workshop was nothing short of life changing. In a few exercises I was able to tap into a part of myself often closed off, and ignored. We rarely take the time to open up and unbox our inner struggles. In this Workshop I was able to get in touch with and release those insecurities and fears. Doing this was an absolutely enlightening experience. I've since felt lighter, free-er , and have a better understanding of myself."

Jazmin Wu

"I'm so thankful I found Audria. She saved my marriage by getting me to finally embrace myself as a sexual being. I grew up being taught that sex is for the man to enjoy and that it was my duty to grin and bear it. Luckily, I married a man who cares about my experience and wants me to enjoy our love making. However, I  just couldn't understand how to let go and allow myself to enjoy sex. I felt dirty and self conscious. Audria helped me to release my disempowering beliefs and finally be inside my body instead of inside my head. It has been incredible and freeing finally feeling like a vibrant, sexy woman who can satisfy my husband AND myself."

Sally T.

"While participating in  Rebirthing the Goddess Workshop, I watched in awe as each exercise slowly dismantled the walls I've built around myself for some time. Like some people, I tend to deflect or guard myself with humor instead of dealing with raw emotions such as shame, which is really hard to do alone. For someone who struggles in this way, it's super important to find a safe space and with Audria's structure of the Workshop as well as her guidance through these lessons, it not only allowed me to open up but also connect with all my sisters. It's such a rewarding experience to meet so many women, hearing each other's stories as well as honoring each other as natural, sexual beings. I would just recommend planning your aftercare head of time if you're not used to it or if you're more of an empath."

Lauren D.

"I would like to express my deep appreciation to Audria for helping me discover my sexual self through her personal coaching. As I explained when I first met Audria, my sex life and sex confidence were at an all time low. I have never felt confident in myself sexually due to a number of reasons. We arranged for 5 sessions together. I had talked to other sex coaches, but felt most comfortable with Audria. I felt that I could be completely open without worry of any judgements and this was proven to be true. From the start I was completely open and honest about all of my issues and she was completely understanding. At first I was a bit dubious about her methods, but now that I have taken all 5 sessions I see how the sessions were designed to help get me in tune with my body and help me build my sexual self esteem. I strongly recommend Audria and her methods to anyone who is willing to listen and be open."

Dave L.

"Audria was a fantastic coach. In just a few sessions she was able to show me parts of myself that I wasn't aware of before. Through certain exercises she lead me into conjuring images in my head that I will never forget. She has an incredibly warm and welcoming energy as well as a great sense of one's feelings and emotions. She made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Audria as a coach."

Joe F.

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